Albrecht Engineering, LLC

About Albrecht

Albrecht Engineering, LLC is a small business enterprise specializing in engineering and field services for the electric utility industry. 

Our team of senior engineers and project managers are licensed in 10 states and have extensive backgrounds in T&D and Generation. 75% of our team members have over 20-years of experience and many have served on professional committees and industry working groups.

Our strong experience, ability to work effectively remotely or on-site, and focus on client’s needs allows us to bring exceptional value providing services such as Owner’s Engineer, Training, and Mentoring. We strive to understand our clients’ needs clearly, deliver the best talent, and provide custom solutions to their engineering, operations, and planning challenges.

Scope of Services

Albrecht Engineering offers customized services with expertise in the following areas:


  • P&C and SCADA
  • Substation
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Training and Mentoring

Field Services

  • Testing & Commissioning 
  • Plans and Procedures
  • As-Builts
  • Training and Mentoring

Our Clients

Albrecht Engineering supports electric utility clients throughout the Midwest and beyond, as well as engineering and consulting partners. We pair specialized industry experts with client projects to consistently deliver quality service.